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We ship anywhere in the United States including Alaska. We use Delta Airlines. Total price of shipping is as follows:

Delta Priority within the US (excluding Alaska) - $300.00

Delta Priority to Alaska - $350.00

Delta Dash (including Alaska) - $375.00

This total shipping amount includes:

  • Puppy's Plane Pass
  • Vet Certification of Health To Fly
  • Airline Approved Crate

Puppies are Shipped from New York.

Shipping requires an official health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of shipping. The crate for one of my pups is a 100 series. $50.00 charge.

Also available ----- Hand delivered pups to your airports. The charge for this is a roundtrip ticket to and from your airport plus a $150 fee.

When shipping a Cavalier I try to only to ship with direct flights.

Shipping live puppies can not be done when tempertures are over 85 degrees in anypoint of the puppy's travel. You may want to check your areas weather.

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